SECAS is very much a part of the society and knows what goes on it. Good security works preventive. That’s why we work together closely with the Police Corps of Suriname and other security institutions.

Within the framework of our social involvement, we have established a foundation called Impact ( The objective of this foundation is to stimulate youngsters to finish their education, say ‘no’ to drugs and avoid teenage pregnancies, because crime prevention starts with youngsters. Since 2010 Impact also has a talk show on television.

Investing in our Team is important to Secas. Employees are ultimately the beating heart of our organization. We encourage our team to excel in their job and customer service in order to provide you with optimal service.

Our Company

The dynamic security company Secas strives to remain a trustworthy market leader in Suriname in areas which define and implement effective solutions to guarantee your safety. We want to provide affordable top quality products and excellent services while maintaining a customer oriented approach and encouraging our employees to excel in their job.

Socially responsible entrepreneurship is of paramount importance to us and furthermore, we passionately strive for sustainable development for all parties concerned.


As a trustworthy market leader in Suriname, our mission is to excel in all aspects of our security company and to passionately pursue social and sustainable development.

Crimeprevention is the best security solution!

Consultancy and Quotes

Our consultants gladly provide tailored advice for your personal, commercial and industrial preferences and requirements. Effective security is the result of a well defined agreement between you and our advisors. We are happy to meet with you for a free consult.

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