Products and services

Our inventory includes a broad selection of ISO certified security products and services meeting international standards that can be provided to you. Furthermore, we design, deliver and install security systems ranging from the simplest basic systems to totally integrated security networks.

We place high demands on installed security systems so that you are able to depend on detection that is reliable. With Secas, quality is within reach.

Central Station

24/7 our specialists monitor the security alerts of your home or company. They use the professional equipment which can detect and respond to any irregularities and if necessary send out the security teams of Secas.


Out of 3 locations in Paramaribo our security guards can reach out to your home or business if there is a security alert. These locations are situated at Louiselaan (North), Laan van Louisehof (Kwatta) and Jagernath Lachmonstraat (South).

Technical services

We are driven to be updated by the newest developments in the security field. To achieve and maintain our top quality, our technical team regularly receives expert training.

Vip Protection

For personal security SECAS is the best there is. With our excellent skilled staff we offer the right balance between safety and privacy. For politicians, board members or artists; for every situation we have the right solution. At SECAS you can depend on discretion. Contact us for more information.

Fire detection

Our fire detection system, which is connected to our security center, can save lives. A common misconception is that you will wake up when there is a fire. When there is a fire carbon monoxide emits, this is odorless gas which spreads quickly. This gas enhances your sleep until you end up in a coma.
SECAS fire prevention gives a signal to the security center which makes it possible for us to contact you right away. Even when you are not home, our service gives you ease of mind.

Medical alarm

Are you living on your own, in need of medical attention or at a certain age our Medical Alert System is the answer. Our Medical Alert System is a medical follow-up system, connected to our security center. In case of emergency you just press a button, our security center gets alerted with all of your necessary medical information and who we should contact. This can be a family member, a medical examiner or a caregiver. A safe feeling for you and your beloved ones. Contact us for more information.

Intrusion detection system

SECAS has a variety of alarm systems. From basic to more advanced systems with modern technical gadgets; SECAS quality is for everyone.
We keep posted on the newest developments and trends in the world of security and adapt it to the situation in Suriname. SECAS makes sure that your system is optimized in the best way possible so that false alerts remain at a minimum and you can be sure of depandable intrusion detection.

Security window film

Security window film is a strong, transparant polyester film which holds a window together when it breaks or in case of an explosion. This prevents burglars to enter your home or business and minimizes the risk of flying debris. It also works as a fire retarder. The film is invisible and easy to clean. Indispensable for homes with children, businesses with lots of windows like stores and office spaces. Security window film also keeps out sunlight which is energy efficient.

Access control

For a diverse group of big companies SECAS provides acces control. Access control contains person control and vehicle control. SECAS can provide badges, electonic gates, access codes or identification methods like face or thumb recognition. Because of our advanced software it is possible to maintain an extensive network system over more than one location. Contact us for more information.

CCTV solutions

Our camera systems are fitted to your needs. For an installation with one camera or an international network where you can see what happens to your business in for example Holland, we have a suitable solution. Our system can alert you when somebody walks by, climb your fence or leaves a package. It can even count how many cars are driving by. You are in control of what you would like to manage.


Our alarm installation connected to our security center, guarantees that our guards are at your home or business in 15 minutes. But we still advise one of our safes for your important document or valuable items.
A safe is an extra hurdle for intruders to overcome. Because this takes extra time for a burglar the risk of getting these valuable items decreases. Also in case of a fire, the safe protects your items against the heat and the flames of the fire. At SECAS we have a wide range of models and brand. Come take a look, contact us now.